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From PSYOP to MindWar - The Psychology of Victory

Tags:  Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
Once war begins, the enemy will be full of national pride, pumped in by their governments so it is of the utmost importance to use persuasion on the soldiers before they are soldiers. Both the enemy and their domestic sympathizers should be treated in much the same fashion, constructing their world views via an ever encroaching technological connectedness. While it is repeatedly stated that MindWar tactics must use truth, for to tell lies builds your control on a foundation of sand, but that truth can be 'willed into existence'. Again there is an outright denial of using psychedelics and similar mind altering substances to increase suggestibility, but it leaves plenty to the imagination of how to use pre-existing cultures that DO promote drug use - like raves - where everyone is imbibing via their own volition. Further, naturally occurring forces are seen as potential leverage to be utilized directly as phenomena in nature, or induced synthetically as in ELF waves.

The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

Tags:  Oligarchy
Keep Europe slightly divided to act as the beachhead into western Eurasia that NATO can push east. Pretend to care about Japan, as an 'international leader', while working on relations with China to create a mainland eastern Eurasian jumping off point. A 'backward' Russia should be integrated into Europe or even broken in 3 separate states to allow for the exploitation of central Eurasian resources in places like the Caspian sea. Pipelines can be utilized to export the oil through several states, preventing any single nation from being able to hold the energy hostage.To accomplish this, much scheming should be done under the guise of economics, 'cooperation', and 'global community'.

O'reilly Graph Databases

Tags:  Database · Graph · Software
Graphs often map more naturally to the entities (nodes) and their relationships than 'traditional' RDBMS do. Business and technical sides can now communicate because the whiteboard model is the model. The questions you want to ask of your data will drive how to model your graph. Graphs, as opposed to other NOSQL databases, retain ACID transactions, fast lookups, and scalability. While there is no one-size-fits all database solution, graphs are a formidable option in any realm and really shine with densely connected datasets.

Building Web Applications with Python and Neo4j

Tags:  Neo4j · Python · Software
The first half focuses on setting up the software and interacting with your first graph database using cypher. The second half is overloaded with basic Flask and Django based tutorials alongside deployment issues like caching, fault tolerance, clustering, and other advanced features. It provides a nice overview, but a whole book could be written about each of the last three chapters.

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