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Published: August 12, 2017
Tags:  CIA · History · Oligarchy

designates my notes. / designates important.


I finished this book several years ago but never did write up my thoughts, so I am leaving this blank.

Also, since I listened to the audio book version, the notes are sparser than usual.

I always get the Foster brothers mixed up. A mnemonic to remember is:


John FoSTer = STate Dept, Wall street, older brother

Exceptional Excerpts

Julius Streicher, defiant to the end, screamed a piercing “Heil Hitler!” as he began climbing the thirteen wooden steps of the scaffold. As the noose was placed around his neck, he spat at Woods, The Bolsheviks will hang you one day.”

Dulles was in Puerto Rico during Bay of Pigs. Speaking at gathering of CEOs. Margaret Mead was there also, talking about “Are we letting our children down?” that wanted the CEOs to join the clandestine war against communism.

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