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Published: April 1, 2017 (6 years ago.)
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An outline of suggested Army changes based on various predictions for the next 25+ years.

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The Army has a reduced budget (reduced increases?) and has to do more (why?) with its limited resources. The first step should be to shut down unneeded bases and move toward a 'build as needed' force that can be ad hoc constructed from larger formations, bringing only the required skills with a limited and mobile footprint. More resources should be stashed around the world in supply depots and on ships; the ones that were deployed have been drawn down. More long term goals include transforming the Army culture away from bureaucratic micromanaging practices and towards reinstating authority to adaptable leaders on the ground. Finally the Army should embrace technology like AI, robots, and drones while simultaneously shoring up the Army's ability to function in a degraded electronic environment with such, nearly lost, skills as navigating with a map and compass.

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An interesting opinion of how the future Army might look. There is a lot of misleading information. The budgetary “declines” and how Arab Spring was supposed to be a good thing for the ME. A good destabilizing event sure, but… Lots of mention of terrorists and boogie men. MIC gonna MIC I guess. I was surprised to see the author detailing how poor Army navigation skills are in the face of GPS and like ilk even though they understand how a “real” opponent would almost certainly degrade the C4I (tech, nav, comms, etc) systems. Directed energy weapons, solar power, AI (in the command center), and drones/robots all seem pretty straightforward.

The authors cite themselves extensively.

Sept. 2016

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2. THE ARMY TODAY: 2016-2020

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3. THE ARMY OF TOMORROW: 2020-2025

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