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Published: September 12, 2017
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The book in...
One sentence:
Lists and folders are the tools of staying organized.

Five sentences:
Lists for every occasion. One list for current actions, a waiting list, a list for each of the people you have business with, and more. The use of folders to both keep reference material organized, but also to 'mail' yourself things into the future. A calendar and regular reviews of all your lists to keep your mind free from having to remember what you need to do. Last, but not least, how to put EVERYTHING into your inbox and still make sure that it stays relatively empty.

designates my notes. / designates important.


My Version

Update for 2022-11-02

I have since moved, as of late 2021, to using Obsidian. I follow the same general idea outlined below, but generally within Obsidian. It allows me to use tags instead of folders and to query the data inside it with the dataview plugin. The data is all raw markdown, so I can also edit things directly with vim.

I have also continued to use the daily spreadsheet to help keep myself on track with various recurring tasks I want to accomplish. This is not very specific and includes things like “read” or “exercise”.

Table of Contents

· Lists

Lists of projects

Next action list

“Waiting on xxx” list

“Possible/maybe in the future” list

Person lists

· Inbox

· Calendar

· Folders


· Reviews