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Published: April 19, 2017 (6 years ago.)
Tags:  Culture · History · Pedophilia

The book in...
One sentence:
Correspondence between the two beats that is little more than a guide to pedophilia and ayahuasca in South America.

Five sentences:
Do. Not. Waste. Your. Time.

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Promotion of pedophilia and glamorizing the drug culture. I am ashamed to have ever looked up to these deviants. Burroughs shows little respect for the shamans that he would later promote as an ancient practice.

The most interesting part was the name drops of Hassan Sabbah (Hassan-i Sabbah) and H.G. Wells, the leader of the infamous Hashshashins (assassins). His mountain lair of Alamut is where he supposedly used hash, alcohol, and women to convince people he had some kind of mystical power and would get them to do his bidding.

January 15, 1953
January 25, 1953
May 12, 1953
May 24, 1953
June 18, 1953
June 10, 1960
June 21, 1960
William Burroughs 
For Hassan Sabbah 
Fore! Hassan Sabbah