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Published: November 11, 2013 (10 years 5 months ago.)
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Table of Contents

· Indoor

Here you can see the same indoor setup as the last few years with one exception: tomato cuttings. This year I started the tomato seedlings in January so that by March I was able to take cuttings of the saplings. These were placed in water and were rooted and potted up by the end of March. This allowed for many more plants to be grow from few seeds and, more importantly, the cuttings are much easier to maintain than the initial seeds.

· Deck

The deck was quite full this year. Next year I’d like to start a proper garden now that I have trained my green thumb on the potted garden. In these pictures you can see (at least) (from left to right) beans, amaranth, corn, mint, thyme, peppers, strawberries, watermelon, rhubarb, dill, bamboo, basil, quinoa, tomatoes, and chives.

· Chicken Coop

In October I used some scrap wood my neighbor was throwing out to build a simple chicken coop.

· Leaf Bed

I expanded the leaf bed and put up a fence around it as a first attempt at a proper garden. The animals obliterated almost everything planted withing.

· Side House

Right beside the house I built an herb spiral to allow for quick and easy access to things like oregano, thyme, and sage from the kitchen door. You can see the arborvitae growing slow and steady in the background.

· Bank Restoration

Since last years shoring up of the creek bank seemed to work so well, I furthered the project by adding more pallets under the eroded parts of the creek and backfilling them as best I could. By allowing the grass to go uncut, the roots should anchor these in place and when it dies in the autumn it should fall over the bank to create a sort of net to shield the bank from the winter snow and spring rain driven increase in the water flow.

· Other

Some of the fruits from the deck and a sunflower (the seeds of which were delicious).