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Git Essentials

Tags:  Git · Programming
After a basic how-to-install introduction you are thrown into the tutorial straight away, learning the basic commands, like init, add, and commit, to get you up and running. After the absolute basics are covered, the book moves toward a more, but not totally complete, understanding of working with local repositories. This is extended to working remotely, with more niche commands, and finally with an overview of the configuration system within Git. Now that you have an understanding and a tutorial under your belt, the most important part is covered; best practices for commits and the various workflows your team can adopt to simplify development. Finally there is a small pair of chapters on migrating from Subversion and a list of resources that lead to other articles, books, tutorials, cheatsheets, and the like, mostly online.

Git for Humans

Tags:  Git · Programming
First you'll learn, less than exactly, what version control in, and how you've probably used some rudimentary version control already, without ever knowing it. Next you'll learn a handful of basic commands that will take care of 90% of your day-to-day needs. While you can use Git completely locally, if you want to collaborate you'll inevitably need to share your work; this is done with remote repositories, of which the basics are covered.. Finally you'll take a stroll down memory lane with the log command, which allows you to view the history of your project in any number of useful formats. While this is only the most basic of introductions, there are several quality links provided to more detailed books, online references, and tutorials to build on the solid foundation thus provided.

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