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The Art of Intrusion

Tags:  Hacking · History
Like Mitnick's first book, this is presented as a series of unconnected stories. Also like the other book, this one is somewhat dated after 13 years, although it is more than worthwhile to those interested in the history of hacking. It is a light, fast read and not at all technical, so don't expect to learn anything. Some of the social engineering attacks seem almost silly as of 2018 and I hope they would no longer work, but honestly some of the probably would work, given the right mark. Of the stories, there are two that take place in Las Vegas that for some reason struck my fancy; how I do love reading about the casinos losing.

The Art of Deception

Tags:  Hacking
With most of the stories, which almost the entire book is made up of, coming from the 1990s, and maybe even 80's, this book is dated to say the least. Given the age, the stories seem believable; from an era where security and connectivity were only starting to really flourish. The technology is extremely dated, cell phones are barely mentioned and smart phones have not even been invented. Still, the end of story analysis and prescribed security policies are interesting. More of a walk down memory lane than anything technically useful.

Python - Penetration Testing for Developers

Tags:  Hacking · Python
A basic overview of penetration testing methodologies, black/white/gray boxing; NIST; OWASP; OSSTMM, are covered, providing a basic understanding of what penetration is, more than how you go about it, for even the least initiated of readers. Next a survey of a large portion of the more common tools is given that provides more of an introduction to, rather than an understanding of, each tool. The best part of the book is probably the coverage of packets, which, while not examined in gory detail, are presented in an easily digestible visual manner in addition to their descriptions, giving the reader enough understanding to take the next step. With your basic understanding of packets, you are now presented with several iterations of python programs that can mimic or extend the features of the publicly available tools; you move from nmap, to the nmap python library, to sockets, and finally scapy, which affords you custom packet creation. The work flow, from reconnaissance to exploit, from logging to reporting, is covered, but, given there is so much to each stage in penetration testing, not in particularly high detail.

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing

Tags:  Hacking · Linux · Software
The first part deals with identifying a target and then performing active and passive reconnaissance to lookup DNS records, conduct port scans, and utilize various open source intelligence techniques, among many other options. Next, vulnerability databases and tools, like Metasploit and Veil Evasion, that give easy access to potential access points to a system are covered alongside a lighter look at things like shellcode. Less technical attack vectors are explored when looking at social engineering attacks, like spoofing a website, that can be quickly created with tools like SET, the Social Engineers Toolkit. The ubiquitousness of wireless access demands its inclusion but is only touched upon as a general introduction to a potentially detailed topic. Lastly, web application vulnerabilities are tested with frameworks like Beef with some minor asides into some of the specific vulnerabilities - like SQL injection.

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