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The Sleep Solution - Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix it

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First a basic of what sleep is, how much you need at the various stages of you life, how your internal clock (circadian rhythm), is regulated by environmental conditions as well as chemicals and inhibitors produced internally, like melatonin. Next a number of sleep disorders are discussed, the most notable probably being insomnia (simple and hard). The author tries to hammer home the idea that insomnia is really only a big deal if you make it a big deal; the fear you have surrounding bedtime and not being able to sleep can lead to, expectedly, an inability to sleep, at least temporarily. In the end, you sleep, everyone does, even if you don't feel like you sleep (paradoxial insomnia). The second half of the book covers sleep hygiene (dark, quiet, comfy) and the proper use of sleep aids, specifically drugs, which, although popularized in the media and often being the first line of defense a general practitioner will prescribe, are some of the worst paths one might take to remedy their poor sleep.

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

Tags:  Health · Posture
Given the focus us posture, a good deal of pages are devoted to conveying a simple but critical foundation, how you think you are standing is not really how you are standing. Before you can know how you are actually standing you need to use mirrors, or advisers, to show you, objectively, how you are standing. The seemingly, to me at least, common sense aspect of the book is that if something hurts, there must be a reason for it and if you can locate, through the aforementioned mirrors or advisers, and eliminate the root cause, the pain will abate. This theory can be applied to all manner of ailments originating from habits, such as posture is only one simple example. Finally there is a criticism of school and work environments in regards to having unergonomic furniture that teaches us bad habits from you and reinforces them in adulthood, culminating in the staggering expenditures relating to preventable back and neck pain.

Get Up Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

Tags:  Health · Posture
This book is written in a casual conversational tone and includes many stories that make it an absolute breeze to read. Much of what is presented feels like common sense, such that sitting too much leads to obesity and diabetes, but this common sense backed by a mountain of interesting studies to support the claims. Another somewhat common sense conclusion is that rural and less industrialized populations include more active people which are generally healthier and happier, despite often living in what many westerners would call poverty. Luckily these negative health consequences can be overcome relatively easily with a few lifestyle adjustments such as working at a treadmill desk, having walk-and-talk meetings, of allowing students to move about freely in the classroom. These changes not only counteract the excess sitting, but lead to increased productivity and profitability in the business world while academic performance increases and ADHD diagnosis decrease when fidgety students are given an outlet for their excess energy.

Easel 1.0

The top of any desk has to be looked down on... unless you tip the top to face your face!

Ergonomic Desk 1.0

After suffering from a sore neck for years, I decided to design a new chair that would offer particular support. This 'desk' was the eventual result of that attempt.

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