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The War on Normal People

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Homo Deus

Tags:  Oligarchy · Philosophy · Psyop
All this talk about the singularity, which is nothing more than the modern rendition of time-wave zero, which was nothing more than the rehashing of omega point theory, ultimately feels like a control mechanism. While it presents these changes as byproducts of the heralded new age, from where I am sitting the goal is to wreck communities (churches), families, and individuals with things like 'diversity' to make the vast majority of people isolated and easier to manage. Even if you take at face value all of this new age mumbo-jumbo - predictive programing, robots are coming to take your job, humans are going to become gods - do you really think the common man will live as a god or will, as the author explicitly states, there be a mega gap between the rich, who have access and control of the advanced tech, medicine, genetic editing, etc, and the poor, who have access and control of nothing. Put crassly, transhumanism is nothing more than code for: round up 99.99% of humanity in an electronic plantation, turn them gay or at least away from starting families, and then, once they are all dead and haven't left behind many children (who will be mostly autistic and/or braindead TV-landers), the oligarchy will have a much easier time dominating the world. If nothing else, this book is a good study in modern propaganda; this guy could give Cass Sunstein a run for his money.

Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Tags:  Oligarchy · Psyop
The main theme of this book, which it does a good job of presenting from multiple angles, is that the occult is the intelligence community; the process is the goal and the goal is to create culture. The media uses only a few main channels to inculcate, to initiate, the general public with what could crudely, but not incorrectly, be called brainwashing; movies and music (now video games and social media as well) being the primary examples. The symbolic imagery in media work in a very ritualistic way, showing you, through what can be called The Revelation of the Method, exactly what changes are occurring in society, but, since it is wrapped in an entertaining package, the critical mind ignores it while the subconscious mind absorbs it. The end result seems to be the destruction of the community, by replacing religion with science, and then the family by instilling extreme (faux) individualistic and consumeristic values in malleable children during the formative years in school. One specific, and jarring, example of this Revelation of the Method being employed by media to bring about cultural changes is the trauma of JFK assassination coupled with Vietnam War; these events were the impetus for the increases we saw over the next decade in- counterculture, promiscuity, widespread drug use, and what you might call the New World Order (a term used by almost every President of the USA).

The Scientific Outlook

Tags:  History · Oligarchy · Philosophy · Psyop
This propaganda cloaks itself in the history of science's big names and methods like induction and deduction. It openly promotes a one-world, soviet style, government predicated on a caste system that degenerates into haves/have-nots and finally two different species (Brave New World -> Time Machine). To bring this to fruition there needs to be some irresistible world fighting force (UN?, NATO?, who to fight?) and a system of propaganda, education, indoctrination, endless entertainment, and free sex. The issue of scarcity will be solved with artificial everything: food, wood, rubber, etc. Finally scarcity won't be a long term problem because of population control via sterilization, eugenics, embryology, family destruction, and fleeting hollow (LGBT) relationships.

Changing Images of Man

Tags:  Oligarchy · Psyop
First will come a push toward an ecological ethic that we can today understand as climage change. Next, science will replace religion. Once this foundation is set, the media can begin broadcasting the new images that society will be reshaped around. Intermingled in the transformation will be new social controls (top-down or bottom-up), transhumanism, drugs, and what is called 'friendly fascism'. Eventually the goal will be to bring about something that is similar to eastern mysticism and a normalization of a (economic) caste system.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Tags:  History · Oligarchy · Psyop
Weather these strategies have been carried out for thousands of years, hundreds of years, or merely a single century is not relevant; they were employed in the recent past and are being employed now. The first phase in gaining control over a people is to control what is in their heads - the media can be used to normalize behavior and induce fear whereas the universities can instill foreign values in the youth. To completely corrupt the youth, the foundation for the future, the family, the foundation of the past and present, must be destroyed. Economics is the name of the game when it comes to the task of eroding families, with desires and envy keeping most people focused away from home and on a future, however unlikely, that they have been sold via the media. Most of these tactics are deployed under a banner of freedom, freedom from want, freedom from pain, freedom from restriction, freedom to love, and endless other variations, when really the opposite is true, for the more vices a man has, so to the more masters he has.

Tracking the White Rabbit - Essays in Subversive Psychology

Tags:  Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
It begins with a look at Alice in Wonderland that leads to defending Lewis Carroll for taking photographs of naked girls and being glad we remember him for Alice and not the photographs, which 'would land him in jail today.' This kind of subversiveness continues unabated throughout the book with the promotion of homosexuality, promiscuity, the supposed plight of the Jews, outright anti-male sentiment, and countless other hateful positions. She dodges a bullet when discussing the 'False Memory Syndrome' (that has been used to discredit abused children in both the Finders and San Francisco Presido school cases) as unimportant, claiming that the veracity of the memory is secondary to healing the psychological wounds and helping the victim feel better. The book essentially preaches victimhood on one page and then how to overcome being a victim on the next, but this seems like nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to promote what we see today in the oppression Olympics so prevalent in our universities and beyond - the more victimized you are, the smaller your minority, the more 'points' you get. Last, but far from least, the author plainly states that heterosexuality is an artifact of culture that is reinforced through media and that heterosexuality is actually a neurosis.


Tags:  Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
This book is an exploration of understanding and exploiting the choices of people. Anyone that is in a position to offer some kind of choice is thought of as a 'choice architect' and the way the choice is presented is called the 'choice architecture'. Supposedly most people can't make 'good' decisions because they lack the skills or data to make such decisions. Defaults, placement, and language can be used to structure the choice architecture to provide less chance for choosers to make 'bad' choices. While there are many case studies presented to back up these claims, what constitutes a good or bad choice is subjective and the lack of ability to make good choices, whatever good may be, is not examined.

Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon - Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops and The Dark heart of the Hippie Dream

Tags:  Culture · History · Psyop
The book offers a chapter for each of the major bands of the scene and offers numerous interesting connections for each to the military and intelligence, often parents and sometimes artists, families that come from old lineages, big money, and sometimes even royalty. The families and the members of the scene are plagued with strange deaths, often ruled suicides, and a lot of houses end up burned to the ground. At the center of success you have the permanent fixture, Vito and his freaks, which the author purports was the cause of the scene's success and not the music that was supposedly quite bad, at least when listened to live. At the physical center of the canyon you have a state-of-the-art studio/military base known as Lookout Mountain Laboratory - an odd hub in such a hippie paradise unless you take into account the military families these hippies hail from. There is also a lot of gun loving, authoritarian, often violent, dual personalities in many of the otherwise hippies of the scene.

Psychological Warfare

Tags:  Propaganda · Psyop
After a whirlwind journey through some historical examples of propaganda as a military tool, the book moves toward a more pragmatic approach. Most propaganda should be suited for long term effects, a glacially slow example being education as propaganda, rather than pinpoint targeting as in more kinetic military engagements. The propagandist must also not let their ideology get in the way of delivering a truthful message that the enemy wants to hear. The second half of the book discusses analysis of both enemy propaganda to determine their position on various topics as well as polling enemy populations and prisoners to understand the effects of propaganda on them. Finally an operational dissection of propaganda covers such topics as format (radio, print), deployment (shelling, air-drop), and target populations (combatants, civilians).

Cultural Patterns and Technical Change

Tags:  Culture · History · Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
First, a culture must be understood by closely watching and documenting the interactions between its members. Next, determine which of the current cultural tendencies can be exploited to introduce a, usually minor, change in habit. Care must be taken to limit the negative consequences, when possible, of the introduced change, which can be far reaching and non-intuitive. Education of the, primarily, younger generation can smooth the transition towards industrialization - children are educated to accept the constant change the new society will be subject to. Money economies and cash crops often obliterate a community - children can skip rites of passage by buying a herd of their own, cash crops introduce malnutrition, and foreign goods often displace traditional roles, such as factory produced clothing replacing woman spinning the family's clothing.

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

Tags:  Drugs · History · Psyop · Religion
The ancient peoples of the modern Middle East had worshipped a fertility god that Allegro posits was based on the rain being seen as the sperm of god, giving life to the desert each spring. The mushroom, as Allegro sees it, was a microcosm of the universe in that it would grow quickly after a rain, it had some resemblance to a womb and of course a penis, and it imparted those who ingest it with a kind of communion with god. Allegro gives as evidence the evolution of the written Sumerian language cuneiform into Aramaic, Hebrew, and Indo-European languages such as Greek. The language used in the bible may have been to hide the true purpose, passing down knowledge of the mushroom, of this fertility cult. While it would be impossible for any lay person to make heads or tails of the 'translations' within, this book provides a unique perspective on the roots of modern religions.

The Book of the Law - Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX as delivered by XCIII = 418 to DCLXVI

Tags:  Culture · Occult · Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
The text contains many numbers, mentions mathematical operations and an equation; it feels like encryption. At one point there is a 'random' string of characters and numbers, 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. Some of the main recurring themes deal ambiguously with hedonism and anti-reason. Additionally, death is worshipped alongside ideals such that compassion is a weakness and the weak should be crushed. It seems to portend the decline into narcissistic consumer culture quite well.

The Philosophic Corruption of Physics

Tags:  History · Philosophy · Physics · Psyop
After an initial review of Newton's numerous contributions to science, his rejection of the arbitrary is likened to modern objectivism. Next the corruption begins with Hume and then Kant rejecting the primacy of existence for the primacy of conciousness. This leads then to Mach and the positivism movement essentially rejecting reality. Einstein still wanted to test reality, but instead placed another nail in the coffin of objectivism with his interpretation of the Lorentz transforms. Lastly we reach the 'crowning achievement' of modern physics, quantum theory and its particle-wave duality triumphing over the little regarded pilot theory of de Broglie (now resurrected by Lewis Little).

From PSYOP to MindWar - The Psychology of Victory

Tags:  Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
Once war begins, the enemy will be full of national pride, pumped in by their governments so it is of the utmost importance to use persuasion on the soldiers before they are soldiers. Both the enemy and their domestic sympathizers should be treated in much the same fashion, constructing their world views via an ever encroaching technological connectedness. While it is repeatedly stated that MindWar tactics must use truth, for to tell lies builds your control on a foundation of sand, but that truth can be 'willed into existence'. Again there is an outright denial of using psychedelics and similar mind altering substances to increase suggestibility, but it leaves plenty to the imagination of how to use pre-existing cultures that DO promote drug use - like raves - where everyone is imbibing via their own volition. Further, naturally occurring forces are seen as potential leverage to be utilized directly as phenomena in nature, or induced synthetically as in ELF waves.


Tags:  Oligarchy · Propaganda · Psyop
Excruciating detail is paid to crafting almost everything we see and hear. By controlling the messages we receive, propagandists can subsequently inject a narrative, reinforced by the audience themselves in the form of social stigmas. To control the message one must influence those key structures or individuals that are opinion forming within a community. No matter the message, it will be accepted if delivered by a trustworthy source. This manipulation can be used to sell you a new trend in fashion in much the same way it can take nations to war.

Beyond Growth - The Economics of Sustainable Development

Tags:  Boycott · Economics · Oligarchy · Protest · Psyop
How large should the economic sub-system be in the Earth system?

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