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Practical Vim 2E

Tags:  Linux · Programming · Vim
This is meant to be picked at, not read cover to cover (I read it cover to cover... and I agree, not all at once). It is set up in a less typical cookbook style, where each tips is grouped with other tips that can be construed in the same vein, but the tips are meaty enough to go into some detail while still providing the curious reader a jumping off point for deeper understanding. The examples are nice, not too contrived, and apparently available on either the website of github. Overall I say this book is highly recommended, no matter what level your vim proficiency might be at. The only word of warning, avoid the vimcasts; the audio is horrible.

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing

Tags:  Hacking · Linux · Software
The first part deals with identifying a target and then performing active and passive reconnaissance to lookup DNS records, conduct port scans, and utilize various open source intelligence techniques, among many other options. Next, vulnerability databases and tools, like Metasploit and Veil Evasion, that give easy access to potential access points to a system are covered alongside a lighter look at things like shellcode. Less technical attack vectors are explored when looking at social engineering attacks, like spoofing a website, that can be quickly created with tools like SET, the Social Engineers Toolkit. The ubiquitousness of wireless access demands its inclusion but is only touched upon as a general introduction to a potentially detailed topic. Lastly, web application vulnerabilities are tested with frameworks like Beef with some minor asides into some of the specific vulnerabilities - like SQL injection.

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