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Digital Design - An Embedded Systems Approach Using VHDL

Tags:  Electronics · Hardware · Software · VHDL
The book assumes a basic understanding of the general principals, concepts, and components of electrical engineering. These basic concepts are expanded upon with more detailed descriptions of digital logic/boolean algebra and slightly more abstracted complex components like flip-flops. These abstractions are introduced and modeled, usually in a well described UML style presentation, and then converted into VHDL. As it progresses, the book combines all of the aforementioned into more complex designs that include finite state machines, soft cores, memories, accelerators, etc. Before a final review of the design process, a case study is presented for the design of a pipelined implementation of a sobel filter video accelerator.

FPGA 101 - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Tags:  Electronics · FPGA · Software · VHDL
This book seemed great for a beginner with its inclusion of a nice list of acronyms, and with all the new terminology was well defined. It starts with the (sometimes too) basics, giving simple examples snippets of VHDL date types and code as well as general programming tips such as commenting and code organization. The connection between hardware and software is well described and elucidate with various diagrams of simple examples of logic gates and their equivalent VHDL. There is a fuller example, complete with VHDL and test bench code, that is used repeatedly for the last part of the book that is complex enough to be interesting and well described enough to follow. The last three-quarters of the book focuses more on the design process phases including- design, simulation, synthesis, implementation, and programming.

Firefox Session Saver

Tags:  Computer · Firefox · Python · Software
A simple script to backup and restore your Firefox session without the need for flaky addons.

Custom Traffic Parser and Plotter

Tags:  Apache · JSON · Python" · Software
This simple pair of programs extracts apache's logs into JSON and creates simple bar graphs via matplotlib.

Image Notes HTML Parser

Tags:  Computer · Flask · Html · Python · Software
A simple program to generate the HTML (jinja) for all the image notes associated with a book.

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing

Tags:  Hacking · Linux · Software
The first part deals with identifying a target and then performing active and passive reconnaissance to lookup DNS records, conduct port scans, and utilize various open source intelligence techniques, among many other options. Next, vulnerability databases and tools, like Metasploit and Veil Evasion, that give easy access to potential access points to a system are covered alongside a lighter look at things like shellcode. Less technical attack vectors are explored when looking at social engineering attacks, like spoofing a website, that can be quickly created with tools like SET, the Social Engineers Toolkit. The ubiquitousness of wireless access demands its inclusion but is only touched upon as a general introduction to a potentially detailed topic. Lastly, web application vulnerabilities are tested with frameworks like Beef with some minor asides into some of the specific vulnerabilities - like SQL injection.

World Geo-Graph-y

Tags:  Neo4j · Python · Software
This is an article about how to rip the country land border data from wiki, reformat it, and dump it into a neo4j graph.

Graph Databases

Tags:  Database · Neo4j · Python · Software
This is an article about graph databases in general.


Tags:  Database · Neo4j · Python · Software
This is an article about neo4j. From the ground up, maybe some reference material.

O'reilly Graph Databases

Tags:  Database · Graph · Software
Graphs often map more naturally to the entities (nodes) and their relationships than 'traditional' RDBMS do. Business and technical sides can now communicate because the whiteboard model is the model. The questions you want to ask of your data will drive how to model your graph. Graphs, as opposed to other NOSQL databases, retain ACID transactions, fast lookups, and scalability. While there is no one-size-fits all database solution, graphs are a formidable option in any realm and really shine with densely connected datasets.

Simply Timers

Tags:  Bash · GUI · Python · Software
A pair of simple timers. One written in bash and the other in python.

Khan Academy Video Sorter

Tags:  Python · Software
From one messy folder containing almost 5000 hashed video names to a neatly organized hierarchical structure in 25 lines of python.

Building Web Applications with Python and Neo4j

Tags:  Neo4j · Python · Software
The first half focuses on setting up the software and interacting with your first graph database using cypher. The second half is overloaded with basic Flask and Django based tutorials alongside deployment issues like caching, fault tolerance, clustering, and other advanced features. It provides a nice overview, but a whole book could be written about each of the last three chapters.

Craigslist Scnner

Tags:  Python · Software · Sqlite
One of the first python programs I wrote, in 2014, to actually do something for me. It threadedly scans multiple craigslist cities and categories and writes everything it sees to an SQLite database. It was used to alert when new items are posted that match a given criteria and to search for non-location specific goods ie: a sailboat.

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